Why are we doing this?

We could blather on, but these blurbs, clipped from a handful of the approximately 250 one-star reviews of Madden 25 on Amazon.com say it all.  Have a look:

“When you compare the jump from current gen to next gen for other games you see a big difference. Not with this game.” –Jason Rivera

“it’s like all the players developed arthritis on next gen and are too stiff to move around.”  —Chad C

“the commentary and playbooks are same as always…Words cant describe what a lazy and incompetent company EA is”  —Ice Man

“The “true step locomotion” is a complete joke, I’ve seen linemen and QB’s slipping and sliding around like they’re on ice skates. I can’t wait till EA loses its exclusive rights to the NFL, that way other developers get a chance to make a NFL game.” —Solid Snake

“The actual gameplay looks almost identical to current-gen games. The ball is magnetic at times to the player’s hands, the grass divots and footprints disappear the second the player moves from a given spot, the players are stiff and still look frumpy, the net behind the goal post stays perfectly still when you kick a field goal ect. They took the existing game and added detail to the grass and the crowd.”–BullsFan

“defenders moving backwards then miraculously leveling my running back causing fumbles?” —robert

“This is a fraud. I cannot see the stunning graphics that I saw on the trailers.”  –Seonghyun

“EA–watch NBA2K and learn!” —Mariano Rosalez

“Infinity engine my ass, useless.” —Robert D. “Mitch”

“Please 2k start making NFL games again. I will never buy from EA again, they care nothing for the consumers.”    —Bo Phenevongsa

“The load times are horrendous, the players are all horribly proportioned and the between play animations are jerky and awkward looking.”  —J. Anderson “Jonathan

“Has potential but CONSTANTLY crashes… I haven’t been able to complete an entire game yet!” — adam bernardi

“It’s clear EA doesn’t care about the consumers or their own products. 2006 all over again and NO it’s not in the game. The only people that would say this game is good would have to be EA employees or young kids who don’t know any better and just want to play with their favorite team. I don’t care about how great the grass looks. Gameplay, Presentation, Attention to details and yes the little things matter. 2K got it right so whats EA’s excuse. Lazy.”  —Pen Name

“do not believe EA madden trailers because it is not the true game footage…adjusting your tv picture setting will only make it worse”  —inspector1

“I want to slit the announcer’s throat”  — Robert L. Garcia “bob”

“hard to explain why some of the fastest players get caught up to by the slowest and why you can’t shed blocks like you can on the tutorial and some passing plays mysteriously act as running plays and vice versa.”  —Mark T

“There is no way somebody could give this game 5 stars. It’s completely identical to xbox 360. Even after the trailers showing how it’s better on next gen it truly does look exactly the same. NBA 2k is true next gen. 2k clearly tries and madden just exists to make money. I hate the greed of ea and the nfl. No competition gets u this piece of crap game that looks like an original xbox game.” –Daniel buck

“EA lives up to it’s reputation as worst company in the world. Terrible slow gameplay, horrible physics, bad graphics (they didn’t change anything for xbox one version, it looks exactly the same as xbox), and awful menu navigation. Tons of features but the core gameplay is not even playable. Don’t give EA anymore money, they obviously don’t care about the consumers at all, this is an embarrassment for a series that has been around this long, huge downgrade from Madden 12 even.”  —Zachary Alexander

“Linebackers still jumping 10 feet into the air to make a Michael Jordan slam dunk pose, to grab a one handed INT. EA, I wish you’d just fall into obscurity.” —Derrick G.

“There is nothing like watching that 20-yard fade route TD being replayed seeing only turf and the receivers hand. Or seeing some random camera man’s head while they are trying to feature a player walking the sidelines. Or reliving a 50-yard TD run by seeing the last 1/2 second of that play. Ugghhh….whatever, EA.”  —IL Deuce “Corporate Ninja”

“Madden clearly is making the game geared towards the Ultimate Team where they can rip you off for hundreds of dollars more to play the game”  —JustHelpingToReview

“I wish zero stars was an option.”  —Shoelover

11 thoughts on “Why are we doing this?”

  1. This has been a long running travesty. These two companies, the NFL and EA have effectively found a loophole on monopolizing something we all know and love. The game of NFL football. Instead of allow other companies to create better products, they have decided to join forces to cram a piece of trash down our throats every year without having any choices. This is disheartening. I don’t understand how this could be possible but it seems hopeless at this point. To me, these companies are cowardly, especially EA. Another year of rumors only to be disappointed. If only people would ban together and boycott Madden and the NFL to some extent. Maybe then we would be heard. I myself have decided never to purchase another Madden game again. I cannot in good faith support this travesty any longer.

    1. I have created an engine that creates real live play and player stats…now I just need the programmers and designers to make it a reality. Together we can surpass both of these and offer players what they really deserve—-games not based off of last year’s stats! Bull!

    1. Idk were i can voice my opinion im wait for a call back now from xbox because i want my money back from downloading madden 15 this is the worst games ive ever played how they keep getting the contract is fucking beyond me i literally jus went for 4-1 clearly passed the line challenged n still no u try to stiff arm the guy stops dead in his tracks n falls to the floor nfl 2k5 had better movement than this shit game im tired of madden its 2015 how the fuck is it the only nfl game madden must suck dick cause he knows if 2k made football nobody would buy madden ever again pls send me any info to further challenge this anybody nextlevelmech@gmail.com

  2. First of all I want to thank the creators of this site for this outlet regarding Madden by EA Sports. That being said and after playing a lot of games with Madden 15 I have firmly decided that I will not purchase another version of this overpriced roster update if it bears the EA brand. I know that the NFL and the NFLPA could care less about my decision but maybe if enough come to this same conclusion they might notice. One can hope.

  3. I believe NFL 2K5 was years in front of Madden.. Look at Madden NFL 15.. Compare the two and they look pretty close.. So it has taken EA 10 years to bring out a game similar to NFL 2K5.. If NFL2K was still around imagine what it would be like today !! My Player and My GM modes in the NFL would blow everyone away !! Won’t take long until EA wants the NBA license also..

  4. I hate EA Sports so much. Just in it for the money and don’t care about their consumers and their needs. Can not wait till 2k gets the rights back. EA Sports can not make a football game to save their life. Example, the dropped interceptions. I’m just going to leave it at that because if I continue to list my problems I’ll be here for awhile! Fuck EA!

  5. Madden’s just terrible. EA is terrible. When I play a sports game I like to get creative. I like creating teams. I like moving divisions around. Every year until Manned 12 I had a major rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and a team I made up called the Green Bay Afterbyrners. Madden died when EA took that away from me. But withe the Rams back in LA I wouldn’t mind moving the Packers to their division. Sure, it wouldn’t be realistic to move a midwest team to the NFC West but it’s my game and I feel like I should be able to do what I want with it.

    Furthermore, I want legends. I I want to be able to put a player in any position and have their stats count. Why? Because in the game of football trick plays happen. Or I might want to use a defensive lineman as a running back if a play calls for him to fall in the end zone.

    2k has it right with their NBA 2k series. I never played the ESPN series but looking back I wish I had. EA screwed the fans of the NFL when they bought the exclusive license. It’s time to take it away.

  6. Ever since EA bought the license to the NFL, all of the games have been trash. The only glimmer of hope is Madden 17, which actually (half) live up to its potential. 2K was an absolutely stupendous game, and was the last decent one as well. I am begging of you NFL, please remove the license from EA, all they are doing is destroying your name! Plus, EA has ripped me off multiple times with hidden fees and false marketing, and then refused to pay me back, saying “We made a statement afterwards saying that is was only a legend collectible, not a player”. I bought it before they made that statement. What a bunch of BS. EA is untrustworthy, 2K wasn’t! PLEASE NFL, TAKE THE LICENSE AWAY!!!

  7. 2K football needs to bring back football even without the NFL license for example Miami Dolphins becomes a Miami sharks the Buffalo Bills are the Buffalo bisons and etc. each teams players has the same abilities as you original teams please consider this thanks PS don’t let madden get away with these crappy games anymore

  8. I haven’t bought a Madden for the PS3 or 4, and I don’t intend to. They have taken away everything I enjoyed with the PS2 Maddens. I also have a copy of NFL 2K5, and I should check that out more as well.

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