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NFL Players, Owners, Executives & Community;
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (@NFLCommish);
NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith (@deSmithNFLPA);
NFLPA President Domonique Foxworth (@foxworth24);
NFL Ventures VP Eric Grubman (@ericNFLmoney);
Jerry Jones (@realJerryJones);
John Mara (@johnmarajr);
CAA agents Tom Condon & Ben Dogra (@CAA_Football)

We petition you, we implore you: End EA Sports’ exclusive NFL license. License Take Two Interactive’s 2K Games to bring back NFL2K.

Electronic Arts’ “Madden”, which has held the NFL/NFLPA’s exclusive license since 2004, is widely disliked. Countless blogs, tweets, Facebook pages, and news articles decry the series’ lack of variation, and its bugginess, and bizarre gameplay. For Madden 25, the Metacritic user rating is a meager 5.5 (out of 10), and on Amazon some 25% of over 1,000 reviews are just 1 out of 5 stars. One Amazon reviewer wrote of Madden 25: “EA lives up to its reputation as the worst company” in America–a reference to the “Golden Poo” title that voters on awarded EA in both 2012 and 2013.

By contrast, a decade after its release, 2K Games NFL2K5 title remains highly esteemed. Its user rating on Metacritic is 8.1. More than 65% of reviewers on Amazon give it 5 stars. A reviewer summed up common sentiment thus: “the last great American football game”.

2K games has a proven track record that shows it can and will make a dynamic and interactive game.

The NBA, unlike the NFL, allows 2K Sports to compete with Electronic Arts. The result: an overwhelming win for 2K. NBA2K vastly outsells NBA Live.

With this petition, the gamer community is speaking loudly and clearly to you, NFL players and leaders: Enough of the Electronic Arts’ Madden monopoly. Grant 2K Games a license to bring back NFL2K.

Sign the petition here.

15 thoughts on “The Petition”

  1. 2k sports are absolutely correct about this, madden N.F.L. football has not improved one bit since they got the exclusive licenses. The game play is so arcade and non-realistic it’s not even funny anymore. In my opinion! 2K N.F.L. 5 is still a much better game than any Madden football game ever produced. I still play it now and then, and if I could update the rosters every year I would have never bought a Madden football game ever. The only reason Madden sells good every year is because they have the only N.F.L. game on the market, it’s funny how they bought the rights to the N.F.L. rite after 2K5 N.F.L. beat the hell out of them with game sales that year. 2K didn’t have the power at that time to bid with E.A. Sports. And that’s a shame that just because E.A. Sports had the money to ruin the best N.F.L. football game to ever hit the gaming world at the time. Boy just thinking how good 2k football would be now! Makes me sick. Thanks, Nathan Perry

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  4. I have been playing Madden since the year 2000. I started to see the decline of Madden after 2011. However, because it was football season and my love for the game, I was one of the poor saps who got sucked into buying the game once again. Well no more! This year (2014) is the first time I haven’t bought Madden. I am so sick and tired of paying $70 for a game that is boring, not realistic, and has absolutely no creativity towards it. I am also so sick and tired of the same old glitches! Instead of buying Madden this year, I will save my $70 and buy the new NBA 2k15, because 2k knows their **** Any review on this website or any website rather that explains why Madden 15 is anything above average, they are either 2 things: 1) Straight up getting paid to write positive reviews, and/or 2) The have a mental disability. Which seeing how millions of copies are sold each year, that’s a lot of morons!! STOP GIVING EA SPORTS FREE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE PEOPLE DONT DESERVE A PAYCHECK! In fact I sent them a 5 page letter explaining how the Madden games could be improved. Now, I realize that these chumps most likely wont read my letter, but hey, at least I cant say I didn’t try. Every year that Madden comes out, if I don’t see at least half of my ideas in the game, then I WONT BUY IT!

  5. Same game. Players still move like they are on skates. Defensive players react 10x faster than offensive players. The deep ball has been removed completely from the game. DE’s play like corners. Animations are still somewhat canned. I get the focus on defense, but its just too much. Also 10 games in and not a single pass interference or defensive holding? (Not that I love penalties, but that is part of the game now.) It just seems like the same crap over and over. Disappointed

  6. Does EA realized they are ripping people on this game? It is identical to madden 25. The only reason i bought it is because i play online ONLY, but for others who plays franchise mode must be more disappointed than me. Crazy, but $60 for a new cd and cover.

  7. Playing Defense on the PlayStation 4 version of Madden 15 is really unsatisfying. Rushing the passer is limited to pressing a button when an icon appears on the screen. Since playing coverage isn’t fun, playing defense boils down to just cheering on your AI characters while waiting to play offense again. You don’t feel in control of the action. The changes made this year on defense were definitely for the worse.
    Offense is more fun, but you still don’t feel in control, especially running the ball. Running just feels weighted and slow, and you will hardly EVER see a big play come out of the running game. Passing is decent, but i remember it being more fun on the older PS3 versions of the game.
    Graphically this game is a joke and EA should be ashamed at their failure. They must have the worlds worst character artists. All the players have same blocky-glued on jersey look. It’s really disappointing because this game is on PS4.
    The modes are similar to previous years, In connected franchise you can play as a player, coach or owner. But the frequency of injuries (especially to your stars) becomes very annoying. I swear every other game it seemed at least one of the star players would get an 8-11 week injury. Ultimate team is a thing again, and their is a new gauntlet mode to keep your mind off how terrible an idea it was to pre-order this. Do not buy this game. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS PETITION; IF THE NFL CONTINUES TO STAND BUY THIS COMPANY THAN THE HELL WITH ALL OF THE DEVS AND THE EXECS THAT MAKE TOP DOLLAR OFF OF THIS TRASH!!

  8. EA Marketing Lied to Us, Even Prominent Members in this so called Sim community that were Bought Off, Backed up EA’s Lie by saying this Game is Improving where it Matters. This Game wouldn’t Last Four Weeks to a Person who has any Sim in Him. 65$ for like Four weeks of Playing in a Game that should Last at least a Year. Shameful. I bought this game and I regret it. I used to love and dominate in all madden games since madden 99’… Now, I cant even look at this game. TRASH!!

  9. Can’t believe 10 years later we are still dealing with this horrible exclusive deal….Before this happened I was a huge 2k fan my favorite being 2k1 on Dreamcast…Madden wasn’t even in same league, it was a joke in my eyes compared to 2k…Also must throw in that I was as big a fan of NFL as any 23 yr old, I could name every player and it was an obsession…10 years later I can’t even stomach to watch one single game of football’ not even Super Bowl. I haven’t bought madden since 2k and never will again don’t care how good madden gets but let’s be real it wont get good. So thanks EA for ruining fun in general and you wonder why we hate you but the unseen consequence the NFL never expected was losing me as a football fan in general… Funny how this turned me into a huge Motogp and soccer fan could care less about NBA or NFL. Seriously once no longer a fan, I started to seriously dislike NFL and NBA athletes and see them as self centered and part of a larger issue in this country sorta accomplices to the destruction of our economy can’t remember the last athlete that championed any cause in this country other than getting themselves a raise….Where were they when we needed a anti war voice or someone to call the bailouts criminal. Sorry about rant just feel very personal about this type of deal that speaks volumes about the businesses I spent first part of life feverishly supporting. Oh and the scripting in Fifa don’t get me started on how this ruins games in a devious way, a sports game where you don’t determine the outcome but some whack equations do. No thanks I’m done with fifa now and the way things are going almost done with gaming….

  10. The thing is, no one is actually good at this game anymore. I win in this game more often than I lose, not because I’m talented or im some kind of football guru, but because if i have Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Jordy Nelson and Antonio Brown ( Bs draft champions) no one will stop me from scoring because of the disgusting aggressive catch. I dont feel like I put together a superior game plan against anybody. I don’t even feel like a true winner after a 45-17 victory. Defenders just simply cant stop out routes or no matter how good a conner is, you will always need help over the top. Sorry Revis, Woodson or any other superstars conner. This game has no justice. I really feel like the developers don’t even play this game to a full. If they did then they would be embarrassed of this mockery of what they call football. I’m a die hard football fan, but when I put this game away to play NBA 2k16, it says everything about EA and their lack of care and knowledge of football and it’s fans… Rant over…

  11. Madden sucks point blank. Every year the have something good then take it off. It terrible espn was better. Madden creator should quit creating games they suck

  12. This is coming from a guy who’s always been a “Madden Guy”. My Xbox one name is Madden Alpha Male for crying out loud… I’ve been loyal, but I’m so sick and freaking tired of Madden in 2016. It has to be the most lazy successful series in the world. It’s basically just an roster update the last few years. I just don’t feel a real NFL experience. The absence of my competition has watered the series all the way down. I look at NBA 2k online play and interactive options, and why can’t Madden has something like that! On NBA 2k, 2k is so in depth with it, that they add new coaches, update coaches firing, they update new jersey and court designs regularly! And daily! The Madden franchise mode fucking sucks! Please bring back 2k I’m begging!!

  13. Sick and tired of madden!! Same old crap! It’s a recycled game every year they recycle it don’t really add anything 2k was wayy better… i’m sure they all know about this and I don’t do a damn thing about it

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