Sign our Petition to Bring Back NFL 2K and End the MADDENESS

NFL 2K Petition

NFL Players, Owners, Executives & Community;
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (@NFLCommish);
NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith (@deSmithNFLPA);
NFLPA President Domonique Foxworth (@foxworth24);
NFL Ventures VP Eric Grubman (@ericNFLmoney);
Jerry Jones (@realJerryJones);
John Mara (@johnmarajr);
CAA agents Tom Condon & Ben Dogra (@CAA_Football)

We petition you, we implore you: End EA Sports’ exclusive NFL license. License Take Two Interactive’s 2K Games to bring back NFL2K.

Electronic Arts’ “Madden”, which has held the NFL/NFLPA’s exclusive license since 2004, is widely disliked. Countless blogs, tweets, Facebook pages, and news articles decry the series’ lack of variation, and its bugginess, and bizarre gameplay. For Madden 25, the Metacritic user rating is a meager 5.5 (out of 10), and on Amazon some 25% of over 1,000 reviews are just 1 out of 5 stars. One Amazon reviewer wrote of Madden 25: “EA lives up to its reputation as the worst company” in America--a reference to the “Golden Poo” title that voters on awarded EA in both 2012 and 2013.

By contrast, a decade after its release, 2K Games NFL2K5 title remains highly esteemed. Its user rating on Metacritic is 8.1. More than 65% of reviewers on Amazon give it 5 stars. A reviewer summed up common sentiment thus: “the last great American football game”.

2K games has a proven track record that shows it can and will make a dynamic and interactive game.

The NBA, unlike the NFL, allows 2K Sports to compete with Electronic Arts. The result: an overwhelming win for 2K. NBA2K vastly outsells NBA Live.

With this petition, the gamer community is speaking loudly and clearly to you, NFL players and leaders: Enough of the Electronic Arts’ Madden monopoly. Grant 2K Games a license to bring back NFL2K.


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103 thoughts on “Sign our Petition to Bring Back NFL 2K and End the MADDENESS”

  1. Please bring back a football that’s real and not full of gimmicks like Madden is! That really replicates what real professional football players do on the field. A game where we can properly stratagize to beat your opponent…. Comon 2k we no you can produce a great football game, even if it takes a few years! Madden took 25yrs and is still crap!

    1. Madden 15 sucks worst,bring back Nfl 2k series with new stuff like new mechanics and advence system running styles and alot more stuff then ea’s sports trashy madden games Which are garbage.

    2. Jon Gruden should start his own NFL football game franchise to rival Madden NFL football. Featuring Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico in the announcer’s booth for play by play of each game. In addition the Gruden and Tirico the game should feature Chris “Boomer” Berman in the Sport Center studio with halftime highlights and commentary along with Sideline Reporter Lisa Salters for post-game interviews, player updates and coaches’ commentaries. The new game should feature cheerleaders like in NFL 2K5 the game should be presented by ESPN. Since Madden no longer features cpu vs cpu offline franchise mode this should be a priority for this game. This game needs to make player position re-assignments easier than 2k5 and allow the user to turn off the salary cap mode and of course have multiple franchise seasons. The option to hire and fire coaching staffs should be incorporated into the game along with creating players and editing-players. And please add Mel Kiper Jr for rookie information and NFL draft day coverage. What I would like to see is a new supped-up vison of ESPN 2K football or Gruden NFL presented by ESPN.

      1. Phil Sims and Jim Nantz on the call. But you have some excellent pointers. Make it where you can play in cold weather in exhibition mode. Face protectors on uniforms, the arm padded sleeves. Customize your on cleats. More vicious hits animations. Mouth piece flying out. Bring back the coin toss. Also bring back the fumble fight on the ground. Exciting celebrations on defense after a loss of yardage, players jumping up and down, dancing. Player introduction

        1. I hear you totally..2k football was just getting started with 2k5! During the 2004 season madden had made an exclusive deal with the NFL before the season was even over! They made absolute sure 2k football was done! Until this day the keep forking up tons of cash to keep not only. 2k football from competing but all companies. We use to have options in football games. But how does it feet EA, to be the only football game out there? Around you ready to go head up with 2K football now?? It’s a dang shame! I still play all pro 2k8 but so do all the hardcore football fans!

    3. Let nba2k get nba rights if nothing else. This a Monopoly on the gaming industry. Healthy competition produce great products for the consumer, thus creating a positive ripple effect. Lastly, in the most casual of terms………….C’MON MAN!!!

    4. I’ve had it with madden it makes me sick the way it helps people play it has pop up to let weak player’s do amazing things through fucking deep passes all day . It tell player to mash buttons to pick passes off n when too do so fucking weak piece of shit fuck madden

  2. Come now madden is trash probably the trashiest sports title out there. Full o fluke ass plays . The players act as if they don’t have an iq how can real nfl players let this mockery belittle them and say it’s ok look at the 2k basketball vs the the ea basketball they don’t even compete. Let’s get madden and the MADdeness out of here I’m sick of wasting my money on something I love and not even being able to enjoy it with the no penalties , no offsetting penalties , no real challenges ! The players aren’t tattooed like come on man if your going to promote some thing at least give the ppl what they want! I don’t even like basketball shoot I hate and despise that sissy sport but I would spend every last nickel penny and dime on it just because it’s more authentic than madden ! Madden 25 ain’t nothing but madden 07 all over again with newer graphics like come on madden is basically the Michael Jordan of video games sell the same bullshit over and over again . Sign this petition and let’s make a stand for people who want real football and not some corny piece of shit put together game!

    1. Sissy sport huh? At least we don’t wear 5 inches of pads and need a week ro quit being a bitch like football and hockey players, try taking an elbow to the nose or adams apple, oh wait you cant because you’re too busy wearing a sped helmet when playing football and you’re a bitch so you don’t have an adams apple either…

  3. EA knew the NFL 2K franchise was hot on its heels 9yrs ago but instead of paying to make their game better, they just threw a lot of money at the NFL to buy the exclusive rights which is about as cowardly as LeBron James running to the Miami Heat to play on Dwayne Wade’s team. The NBA on the other hand, wouldn’t sell exclusive rights forcing NBA Live developers to have to make a better game than NBA 2K at which they continue to fell at miserably. This year truly exposed at how behind EAs Live is behind NBA 2K. How can a game suck so badly when its developers had a couple years at least to make it, while 2K had to make a game every year and has made 2 this year, 1 for Current Gen and Next Gen? NFL 2K was to me, always better than NBA 2K so if Next Gen NBA2K looks this extraordinary AND IT DOES, then imagine how NFL 2K Next Gen will look. I just got a special feeling in my pants just thinking about how good it will look.

    1. Unfortunately it was the NFL that ultimately made this deal, not the other way around. I had to do some digging online to find this out, but it’s true

  4. I’m sick of paying 60$ just for new graphics. The Xbox One version is UNPLAYABLE! I’m not even exaggerating! Me and my friends literally can’t get through a season because despite having perfect internet and having seemless games on Call of Duty with roughly 15 other people, Madden can’t handle a game WITH 1 OTHER PERSON! This is the last straw! I’m fed up and want something new. I never played a 2k football game, but I’m sick of EAs monopoly on the franchise.

    A loyal Madden player of 10 years

  5. I’ve read it twice in these comments and heard it numerous times. People are complaining about buying such a bad game year after year. Here’s that you do: show your support of NFL 2K and disdain of Madden by NOT BUYING THE GAME EVERY YEAR. Hello? The sooner we collectively cease to purchase this yearly dribble the sooner we have hope of seeing our dream come to fruition. I’m not interested in how much you proclaim you dislike EA’s monopolizing franchise, if you continue to buy it yearly you’re as big a fan as there is out there. Madden sales are declining yearly, let’s keep up that momentum until they or the NFL itself is forced to make a change. If you truly want NFL 2K back like I do, you’ll be with me on this.

    1. Right I’ve been stopped buying madden 3yrs now lol I used to love 2k football man imagine a better superstar mode in 2k football with a actual story line like nba 2k15 does

  6. Theres youtube videos on how to get updated rosters for NFL2k5.. That should tell the NFL something right there people would rather play NFL2k5 on an xbox or ps2 than buy EA’s sad excuse of a game on PS4 and Xbox one. Thats a 2 console generation gap and 2k5 a game that is 9 years older is better than a game that has had 9 years to evolve to be better in Madden 25. hopefully NFL 2k15 isn’t a pipedream

  7. Madden is not even fun anymore or the bring NFL Fever back from the original Xbox lol but really tho a NFL 2K15 would be nice for the fans who want to play a real football game.

  8. Time to get on our 2k sports football grind I have a great idea everyone send videos and comments to a Mr George Atallah NFLPA Rep or tweet him. time to stop the Maddeness. God Help Us

  9. We definitely need 2k back in the football genre because as it stands right now it’s very stagnant and stale with madden, EA hasn’t done anything innovative to push the series forward none whatsoever and a fresh coat of paint (graphics of madden25) doesn’t cover up the flaws and junk that remains in the game not to mention the previous lackluster games before it the last 9 years. When you play a 2k sports game the game feels alive and you feel like your actually a part of the game, the gameplay, physics, presentation is second to none and the players models look EXACTLY like their real life counterparts and the gameplay experience keeps you coming back to play again and again no matter how tired you are. What you see in football games on sunday you definitely see in 2k sports, which tells me that EA doesn’t even deserve to have the slogan “its in the game” …….that honor belongs to 2k sports and that’s a fact.

  10. Nfl2 k at E3 should be at announced everything is a secret now they scanned players faces already

    1. Why can’t 2ksports have different announcers an have camera over stadium the one that move s on a wire across stadium as plays going into progess I think CBS had used it broadcast style like real football games do an updated post game report an have around league game high lights they did it for xbox an ps2 .

  11. It ‘s time for 2ksports to take Nfl to the next level with these powerful consoles no more excuse since Ea sports won’t do it. 2ksports can

  12. Seriously Can Y’all Please Bring Back NFL2K NOW?
    Come On Now No More EA Sports Madden Football!!! :'(
    I Want NFL2K15 This Very Year Of 2014 NOW!!! :’)
    (N.E.P.N.) New England Patriots Nation 4 Ever!!! #MHK

  13. Seriously Please Bring Back ESPN NFL2K NOW!!!
    ‪#‎BringOnESPNNFL2K15RightDamnNow‬ :’)

  14. 2K Games Still Didn’t Say Nothin’ About NFL2K15 Yet & I Guess It Won’t Be No NFL2K Game Again This Year Either!!! Oh Well I’ll Continue On Playin’ NFL2K5 & All Pro Football 2K8!!! Thanks A Lot 4 Ignoring Us NFL2K Fans 2K Games & NFL!!! :'(

  15. I think maybe we should change this to just a football game petition from 2k. What do you guys think?

    1. NFL NCAA or Generic if its made by 2k reguardless of licensing or exclusivity it’ll still kick Maddens ass

  16. Madden player since I was a child. However I preferred the 2k series. Does anyone know a contact we can actually get this petition to with the NFL? I am pretty sure there are more 2k fans than madden fans. I am so tired of the same boring storylines EVER YEAR! You would think they make it fun for fans to play. 2k does it perfectly and I am beyond addicted to NBA 2k. I need a football game like that 🙁

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  18. I have made the arguments for years about this monopoly. The reason EA Sports does not produce an NBA game is that they know no one would buy it. The same would happen with Madden if they lost the exclusive license. It is even funnier that on their Madden Forums any negative comments about the game are deleted almost immediately. The NFL was contemplating ending the Pro Bowl because the product was embarrassing; guess the people that have to bear with Madden from EA Sports don’t count.

    1. Just had another thought; on banning and not buying Madden doubt that would do much good seeing that EA Sports would still throw their money to the NFL and retain the license. Do we really think the NFL cares about the game as long as they get their money?

  19. We need competition in sports gaming. Competition brings the best out of you. With out competition you won’t do your best. And I don’t thing EA Sports is doing their best. Bring back NFL 2K Football, please. Tell EA Sports and the NFL to open up and take away the exclusive license so other companies can make exciting football games that represent the great sport of professional football.

  20. Its time 2k breaks there chain an step up an make a real football just like what we see on tv an its time for them to take back the slogan ITS IN THE GAME We need Live Weather, Wr\Db interactions,All penalties, Real Player faces, Real Dreads, All Equipment, Tipped Passes, Real Team Intros, Real Halftime , Game Highlights from around the League, 3 or 4 Diffrent Commentary Teams, Real Gang Tackles, Real Injuries, Real Wrap up tackles, Real Gameplay Gameplay, All player Tattoos, plus more…

  21. I feel really bad about what I did to the NFL community. Its my fault for asking EA to make a football game back in the 80’s.

  22. I feel really bad about what iI did to the NFL community. Its my fault for agreeing with EA to allow my name to be on such a crap game. I regret that decision. The John Madden of 1984 was an idiot. Why did I let my younger self do that? honestly I don’t Know.

  23. I’ve been a madden fan for such a long time and I couldn’t understand why after 25 years EA hasn’t been able to change these on going issues with their football game. Even with a better game from 2K back in 2004, I’ve always maintained faith that they would make a considerable difference with 10 years over 2K of being the only company to make a football game. Now I can’t continue anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach every year to hear them say how they’ve improve on their game but turns out to be the same shit. I’ve got it figured out now. EA isn’t really putting efforts to be better than the years before. They will continue feeding the public bullshit because there is no other competition out there. We all must blame Roger Goodall as well for causing this sort of thing to happen. He is clearly not make the best choice with football fans in mind. He knows that competition within any business is important because it creates motivation for one to better themselves every year. However, It also shows a cowardly move by EA to not give the fans a choice on choosing a worthy football game. Some may say it was smart and others may say it wasn’t. Either way, EA has racked up millions being the only one making the game. Roger Goodall needs to open the doors for others so 2K can prove to football fans how a game is really made. Even if it takes them sometime to get it right, I have more faith in there loyalty to their fans. EA needs to be Band and quit selling people lies.

  24. Thanks everyone who signed this petition! Hopefully we will see the return of NFL2k16 or 2K17! #victory #NFL2K #EndTheMaddeness

    1. You’re Welcome & For The Love Of The Bloody Jesus Please Bring Out NFL 2K16 This Very Year Of 2015 Now!!! No More Garbage & Boring & Lame Ass EA Sports:Madden NFL!!! I Want The Best & The Greatest NFL Football Video Game Back & That’s NFL 2K!!! New England Patriots Nation 4 Life!!! #MHK

  25. First in formost I’m a football fan and I’ve been playing video games football that is since the 10 yard fight… I’ve played every madden every 2k football game… I always enjoyed playing both… until I could only play one (madden) for years madden has been the same game over and over and that’s where my problem lies. this year madden 15 is overall a step in the right direction but it’s 10 years too late. I’m so fed up and I’ve been missing 2k football like a fat girl miss the gym. I really need 2k in my life. imagine if EA did this with the nba live and we couldn’t play 2k basketball !!! yes a nightmare!!! with that said you run faster when someone is chasing you… So competition is needed until then madden couldn’t reach its full potential. GamerTag :Riggs Mendez Xb1 truking3 PS4

  26. For The Love Of The Bloody Jesus Please Bring Out NFL 2K16 This Very Year Of 2015 Now!!! No More Garbage & Boring & Lame Ass EA Sports:Madden NFL!!! I Want The Best & The Greatest NFL Football Video Game Back & That’s NFL 2K!!! New England Patriots Nation 4 Life!!! #MHK

  27. Madden is getting pooted can yall please bring NFL2K BACK like it use to be REALISTIC…….but I know you guys signed that bullshit deal with madden or whatever but I know for a fact it would put madden out of business I like madden but I don’t even play madden no more……smh I’m waiting on 2k I have to play the old 2k games…….NFL2K15 LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!

  28. I really hope this works. I have sent copies of letters that i wrote to E.A also the N.F.L commissioner and also tried calling consumer advocates. Also left a E mail with Mike Florio of P.F.T. of course never heard anything. Looked on you tube @ simfootball he had Rex one of the developers saying how Madden 16 is going to be so great. Just tired of the lies. I’ts 2015 and there should be no reason why that game should be so bad and that we as the consumer and fans of the N.F.L have no other product to choose from. I’ts like they have a monopoly on the football gaming. Also we as the consumers are voices are not being heard. With Madden I feel we are not getting the real N.F.L experience nor next gen. so please 2 K make a football game that all football fans around the world need. And also John Madden & the N.F.L should be ashamed to have their names associated with such a below average game that is still years behind. Crazy that a game that was made in 2005 is still blowing 2015 Madden out of the water.

  29. PLEASE TELL IF THIS IS TRUE!!! I’ve Heard That Joe Montana & 2K Games Workin’ Together On Makin’ Joe Montana NFL 2K16!!! PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE TRUE!!! Seriously Me & The Rest Of Us NFL 2K Fans Been Waitin’ & Beggin’ & Pleasin’ 2K Games For 10 Long Years Since NFL 2K5 To Bring Back NFL 2K & I’ve Been Hearin’ About It For 2 Days Now That 2K Games & Joe Montana Is Workin’ On NFL 2K16 Right Now But It’s Only Comin’ Out On Xbox One & PC!!! COME ON NOW They Seriously Need To Bring That Out On PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 Also & I Really Hope & Pray To The Lord Of God That They Do & Make It Happen!!! FINALLY NFL 2K IS COMIN’ BACK!!! YEEEEEESSSSSS!!! :’)

  30. Madden is so low detailed 2k sports is so awesome if u bring back 2k football and I will burn all my maddens

  31. I love football NFL and college….. I hate madden haven’t bought a copy since 2010 it’s the same old shit since 2008 the glitches get on my nerve can run the ball to the outside and the running game is whack Watching NFL2k made me realize how bad ea sports really is . Please bring back NFL2k

  32. From the Pre-game show to the end of the week recap with ESPN NFL 2K5 was the embodiment of NFL football.

    You would think with Madden buying ESPN they would have included such features.

    You would think the tackling mechanics would have been the greatest.

    Wrong! Madden has had 10 years to correct mistakes that 2K5 corrected and still nothing. All it is better graphics.

    EA was scared of competition because 2k5 was $20 and far superior.

    NFL 2K5 the greatest football game ever made.

  33. Ive been waiting all these years for 2k to come bake I always new they would, I never new there was people out there like 2k the way I do, to this day I still play 2k5 I’m a real True fan I have all the 2k series football games people used to laugh at me when I tell them 2k will be back one …….please make another football it would main the world to me.. God bless you

  34. As a football fan I feel that there should be a variety of video games out there because back in the day you had different games out there NFL GameDay, Blitz, 2k football and Madden. To force fans to buy only one game is very disturbing there should be variety to choose from not just one video game for consumers to purchase as a 2k sports fan 2k All pro football is still better than any Madden game that was ever made and that game was made in 2008. Madden is just WRONG on every level. That’s why they are not doing college football anymore the game play is not realistic too many flaws in the game where as 2k is very accurate from the replays to the challenges of calls. PLEASE BRING BACK THE GAME I LOVE 2K FOOTFOOTBALL let the fans have a choice

  35. Please as a fan of video games and sports. NFL 2K needs to return. I feel that It would be a benefit to bring the game back and also place it in a market where it would out sell it’s competition. NFL 2k has so many dynamics and layers that keeps gamers in love with Football. Each month I check for any new updates for NFL 2K. I was thrilled to hear about John Montana Football but it seems it will not return consoles. Please again bring back the REAL AND BEST FOOTBALL gaming franchise “NFL 2K”. I miss seeing the label showing “Best selling Football game”.

  36. I actually liked Madden 15, but Madden 16 is so awful that I’ve had it. The games glitchy and the new receiver actions makes defenses totally useless. I want a game that feels realistic. Bring back NFL 2K

  37. Nfl 2k5 can compete with Madden 15…and thats no exaggeration. Game mechanics of NFL 2k games had EA scared so they bought the rights to exclusivity instead of building a better game. Bring back 2k, one of the greatest games ever and surely will lift the burden that us forced to play Madden are carrying. I’ll never forget about My Crib! Such an awesome feature that game was ahead of its time, I am salivating at what 2k can do with this generations graphics and processing power. If they had AI IQ figured out back then imagine now!!

  38. Madden is a good game that has lost its sense of how great it could be do to the fact that it has no competition. Ea is afraid of competition. I will guarantee that if Ea lets go of the NFL license, 2k will definitely make them earn their money..

  39. If we enjoy football as much as we say we do, then there should be a game that visually should parallel to what we see on the actual gridiron.

    MADDEN NFL Football seems to have lost sight and perception that us fans want out of a football game. When you look at the 2K series of basketball games and WWE games, one aspect that drives sales and intrigue is customization and virtual enhancements. Why can’t MADDEN do something similar without being a carbon copy of 2K’s ideology? I think it stems from lacking competition, laziness (basically a roster update every year), and a false sense of entitlement. They think that since they’re EA and based from previous decades of top-selling games, they don’t have to do much to churn out the dollar bills from its customers. Just sprinkle in a few more updates and modifications and there: you can’t say that Madden leaves everything the same as in previous installments. They have blinded us long enough with these lies that they continue to improve and raise the bar when they have continuously tortured us with slow menu commands, gimmicky player movements (especially their running styles!), lack of an editable draft class, and a slew of others you all have pointed out already.

    Imagine how much of an empire 2K and Visual Concepts would be if they added NFL 2K back into the mix and hell, if they really want to pursue baseball in the forseeable future again with a better cast of producers/editors, MLB 2K could have a resurrection similar to NFL 2K’s. EA Sports would DIE! A swift kick to the gut and the final dagger in their company. It is hard to become a fan of EA when they produce low quality games especially when they were KINGS of the sports gaming world a decade ago. Purchasing the NFL’s licensing rights to kill off their competition made them look weak in the long run.

    I am in on this petition only because I am also a hardcore basketball fan who just keeps falling in love over and over again with the 2K series. They keep the improvements/enhancements coming in and it is easy to digest. Once again, visual enhancements and customizations are keys to a gamer’s heart. When you are free to customize and make the game essentially your own version of NBA2K, you get loyal gamers and hard earned money (and LOTs of it!) BRING BACK NFL 2K! I made the mistake of not believing the NFL 2K5 hype because I once fell under the spell of EA and their past-generation mastery. I have been duped the older I got and want 2K in the fold to provide tough competition. That could wake EA Sports up to provide us with better quality gaming…OR…to all of our delight…completely shut down EA and crown 2K as the virtual sports king as they have been capable of becoming.

  40. Funny EA was getting their ass handed to years after Year. In NFL, NBA, NHL so they buy out as much as they could. Instead of improving guess they where right look at how the NBA situation unfolded putting it on is and coming back just to be destroyed again.

  41. Definetly miss the 2k vs madden yrs, by far the best yrs in sports gaming because of the competition and both games getting creative even though 2k was always 2 steps ahead. As much as I wanna see 2k back what I really want is a choice of NFL games just like the basketball games Live and 2k. Madden has been dull for yrs now and it only comes from being to comfortable in not having no one take their spot. Bring 2k back and don’t go easy on the gameplay and graphics it has been awhile since a football game from 2k so their first could be a bust but I just wanna see these developers get better on both sides and give us football fans a fun game regardless 2k or madden we need a choice, let the fans choose.

  42. I used to love playing ESPN 2k5 more realistic than madden ever was the superstar mode has been the same since they came up with it nothing is new. Every year madden is just like the last being charged 60 something dollars for a new madden game that’s had no real new features is madness. 2k5 had a realistic halftime show unlike madden. No one gets excited about madden anymore. Wish we still have 2k football. I know if 2k came back with a game there would be a better my career for it than madden and would blow madden out the water.

  43. I’m sorry but to this day im still pissed about this deal between EA and the NFL. NFL 2k5 is almost 11 years old yet still holds up today. Just imagine the product we would have if this deal never happen.


  44. It’s so horrible how EA and the NFL have ruined football video games probably forever with their horrific, greedy, shortsighted deal. Thankfully the NBA hasn’t stooped to this level to make some quick extra money, they must be smart and ethical enough to know the damage it will do in the long run. Proud that I haven’t bought any madden since 11′ or any NFL product since then for that matter, meanwhile I’ve bought every NBA 2k game full price, shamefully some VC and some jerseys. I actually read once that EA approached the NBA with a similar exclusive deal and the NBA appropriately showed them the door. It’s frustrating thinking about how good a modern NFL 2K would be.

  45. I, Larry Payne the 2nd, declare that I would gladly give my left nut to see this come to fruition. I would also be willing to put object in my mouth and butt; provided the game is garuanteed to include all the bells and whistles that nfl2k5 came with. Make it happen captain!

  46. Look, Madden series is a complete joke. Their careless, lazy, boring, old, plain, simple,disrespectful(because they had the same commentary since idk? madden 12)…..WHO THE HELL WANTS TO HEAR THE SAME COMMENTARY YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER F@$÷×€! YEAR!!!!!! Every single guy that has to do with making madden I want to personally stick my foot so got damn far up their @$$ that I have to meet their family on Christmas because my foot has been stuck in their @$$ for a whole year…..I hope they get ebola so there’s no choice but to give the NFL over to 2k….that’s how much I hate madden I mean seriously their disrespectful giving us the same shxt for years. Every single year I’m like okay they won’t be lazy bastards this year…poor madden fans even Make wishlist videos just to be super IGNORED….every year I’m like okay it’s gona be good but then nope same thing. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALLOW 2K TO TAKE OVER PLEASE!!!!


  47. Lol right now im playing nba2k16 and thinking about nfl2k gets me so hype! Im addicted to this 2k just imagine what would 2k do to football!

  48. Everyone Post this to face book…we need at least 4,000,000 signatures to show 2k that were serious and that there is profit involved here.

  49. I can’t stand EA anymore! Straight up monopoly, the last two years their whole marketing pitch was new catching animations (which are overpowered af), New special team trick plays, and new kick meter! THATS IT! In two fucking years thats what they added to the game. I hate Ultimate team, I love football games because I love football and playing as my team not spending hundreds of dollars to have Cam Newton throwing to Julio Jones and Adrian Peterson run the ball thats unrealistic and should stripped of the game because thats all they care about year after year. Seeing the difference between 2k16 and NBA Live 16 is just an embarrassment to EA, and shows how bad their products are when they have competition. Please 2K do something! Make a College football or something PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

  50. All I can say is the NFL should be structured in a way that promotes diversity and favors fair competition. In terms of gaming and the NFL ticket, there should be no exclusivity. The NFL should have a business model that represents the core of the game itself. If the NFL was to favor a specific team, or allow cheating in any capacity, the sport would fall apart. This is one of those social injustices that’s just not right because we have not had a voice for twelve years as football fans. That’s too long….

  51. Hi, Im from Australia and have been playing NFL games for years now . Getting a bit tired of the Madden games now. Especially when they don’t support pc after Madden 08. I wish there was a NFL 2k game to come in 2017 and for pc platform I’d buy it for sure.

  52. I use to think this was all a product of Electronic Arts’ greedy nature due to fear about someone else (like 2K) dipping their hands into the treasure pot of NFL Video-gaming. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. EA Sports is not the blame. In fact, they’re doing exactly what any company should do given the dynamics: “continue on sell stale potato chips as long as the consumers are eating stale potato chips.” Viola!! Now you’ve got Madden NFL 2017 since 2005.

    But mostly the blame is on the side of the NFL, and why am I not surprised considering what the public has seen on their side since the Saints Bounty allegations to the ridiculous overemphasized ruling of the Brady Deflate crap.

    In many different ways now I’m finding that the NFL is becoming this New World Order type that I’m finding it’s outstretched, mighty hands meddling in more matters in my life than just my favorite athletes and NFL teams, and now more matters than I’m truly comfortable with. Now the NFL wants to be this Adolf Hitler type, who suddenly wants to decide for me the quality of product I should want in a freakin’ video game. This is becoming too much. But what else can any of us expect from an organization who suspends a player 4 games for taking a fertility drug to have a child, but gives a man 1 game for admitting to beating his wife.

  53. I am so sick of the shit product EA puts out every year. Madden is absolute garbage. Allowing exclusive rights for the video game market is a fucking joke, no competition will allow any company to continue to release incomplete junk. I will never again in my lifetime purchase another Madden game so long as EA has anything to do with it. For the love of God bring back 2K NFL!

  54. We don’t want 2K to have exclusive NFL game rights, we want EVERYBODY to have access to it! That’s the only way to have genuine competition. Also, true NFL fans like us used to buy several NFL games per year. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Backbreaker and MLB The Show devs could make a new NFL game as well as 2K and indeed EA too? When it’s just EA who is “legally” able to do it, the whole thing is a sad, sick joke. Personally, I refuse to buy another NFL game until someone other than EA is able to do it. Simple.

  55. 2K need to come out with another football game even without NFL license for example the Miami Dolphins are the Miami sharks Buffalo Bills are the Buffalo bisons and etc. each team players have the same abilities as today’s NFLI am sure people will buy this game please consider this PS thank God 2K8 it’s still online

  56. One word for 2k remake MUTANT LEAGUE FOOTBALL With today’s graphics and depth like madden franchise mode my player mode the whole bells and whistles

  57. NFL 2k must come back! I’m tired of always seeing Madden games come out every year with little or no brand-new features. NFL 2k5 blew Madden NFL outta the water back in 2004, until EA sports decided to wuss out and made the NFL grant them a license to make football games with no other competition. Please! Bring back the NFL 2k series soon, it will make every gamer and football fans out there very happy.

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  59. Getting tired of the same old stuff each year from Madden games. The only stuff updated is mainly the roster. At the same time, not looking for a story mode either. Just need more variety out there than whats being offered currently.

  60. Madden is outdated in all aspects, with the power of current generation consoles having the ability to make more realistic, innovative football simulation. Madden sells great and is popular because Football is popular, and Madden happens to be the only option. Its updated games add only small features, none of which fix bugged out, arcade style gameplay. I think fans deserve options.

  61. What 2k can do is release a football game that doesnt have licenses. Focus on gameplay similar to what Pro Evolution Soccer has done. The roster starts out with 32 basic teams (ability to add and create more). Use the same system that NBA 2k does with team editing where you use a website to upload logos and designs up to a server where you can access your uploads in the game. This allows people to make the league however they want. Then add an in depth franchise mode where the user can create a league and make however which way they want. If they want 64 teams, let them. If they want 32 games in a regular season, let them. Just a few examples. But another thing they could add is, like in Pro Evo Soccer, the ability to share rosters of individual teams. So someone could create the Eagles, post it online and someone can download the roster and upload to their game.

  62. Simply put, EA is run by a bunch of scam artists. I don’t get rewarded whether I grind or spend money, but they’ll give their youtubers all the great cards to draw you in. Someone needs to stop these crooks

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